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Black Girls Golf is the fastest growing golf community for African-American women. We have been contributors to several news outlets and golf organizations who are interested in growing the game.We are available for interviews and events, and speaking to your group. Please send all media requests to us at

2015 AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm (Video)


Black Enterprise Magazine

Golf 101: Rules of Engagement For Making Money On the Green

Golf 102: Playing by the Rules to Defy Business Odds on the Green

African American Golfers Digest

Golfer of the Week profile

TurfNetTV (Video)

Black Girls Golf: Career, Friendships, Fun

Golf Stinks

Black Girls Can Golf

Geneva National Resorts

5 Tips For Picking The Right Golf Instructor

Black Girls Nerds

Podcast Episode 27

Business X Radio

Black Girls Golf interview is at the 20min mark

Featured Entrepreneur Profile

Good Things Come To Sistahs Who Golf

Golf Anyone?

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