Golf isn’t white enough. . .

. . . said no one ever, especially during Black History Month.

Black History Golf, Black Girls Golf, Black woman golfers, Black History MonthMonth is in full swing; another year spent counting how many firsts we have in the industry that has been slow to evolve and truly reflect the society in which we live. How many professional African American female golfers can you name off the top of your head? I can do it without using both hands and this month I’ve told you about a few who haven’t made it to the history books yet. Perhaps we’ll hear more about them in future Black History Month Celebrations.

I mean how many times am I supposed to tell you Althea Gibson was the first African American woman to play on the LPGA Tour. How many times must I say, her experience wasn’t pleasant. She even had to change in her car on several occasions as she wasn’t allowed in the locker room at many private clubs.

Maybe you’re expecting me to tell you again that in the 67 year history of the LPGA there have only been 8 African American women who have ever played on the LPGA Tour. There aren’t any racial barriers to the game today, however, the residue of our country’s past leaves a stain on the game that has been difficult to erase. 

I could go on and on, about the sacrifices and human indignities African American golfers endured to play golf professionally in this country. Their desire and passion for the game created a legacy for us to celebrate and continue. For that, I am forever grateful. My desire to pay homage to their sacrifices is the motivation  that drives the work we do at Black Girls Golf to highlight and celebrate African American golfers and introduce African American women and girls to the golf

Celebrating African American contributions to golf is something we do everyday at Black Girls Golf. We don’t reserve our excitement for one month out of the year. However, we will spend the next few weeks on Instagram celebrating the future of the game by highlighting a few golfers you may have never heard of.

Perhaps, after hearing about these stories, you will be encouraged to share Black Girls Golf with a young person in your sphere of influence. After all, many golfers only got into the game because someone they love introduced them to it.


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