Let the fairway be your runway. What’s your favorite Fall golf apparel?

How do stay comfy and cute in your Fall golf apparel?fall golf apparel, black girls golf. BEGoodlife, #luxuryawaits

Fall is my favorite time of year. I LOVE Fall golf apparel. Even though I hate pumpkin flavored coffee, I do love to turn the fairway into my runway during this season. I love everything from the vests, to the zip-ups. Fall let’s you be comfy and cute at the same time.

Don’t worry about breaking any rules either – you can wear leggings, long sleeves, a vest, and a baseball cap and be comfy and cute on the golf course. Go ahead, turn the fairway into your runway.

Tag us in your photos turning the fairway into your runway in your favorite Fall golf apparel?

Got a bucket list with one of these top 100 golf courses on it?

pebble beach, black girls golf 18th hole, golf bucket list

18th Hole Pebble Beach. Photo credit: Black Girls Golf, LLC.

If one of these golf courses isn’t on your bucket list you need to revisit your list. 

Everyone I know has a bucket list, but not everyone has a golf course on it. When I ask Black women why they don’t golf, one of the answers I hear often is they think golf is boring. They couldn’t be more wrong. After looking at this Golf Digest list of America’s Top 100 Golf Courses, how could you say that. The words that come to mind when I think my top 10 golf experiences are: serene, tranquil, beautiful, and relaxing.

Check out this list and add one of them to your bucket list and let us know which one you plan to visit.

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The Little Black Golf Dress Could Be Your Favorite Little Black Dress

Every girl should have a little black golf dress

little black golf dress, little black dress, black girls golf, golf attire, women's golf apparel

My opinion may be a little biased, but I think golf has the flyest apparel of any sport, including tennis. But it hasn’t always been that. way. Lady golfers in yesteryear would have never dreamed of owning a little black golf dress.

Golf attire has come a long way since our grandmothers played. Women wore long skirts that covered even a  woman’s legs. Thank goodness we’ve evolved to more sporty, functional, and sexy golf attire for women.

Did I say sexy? Yes, check out these three little black golf dresses that could take you from the golf course to cocktails. Check us out on Pinterest to see more of our favorite golf fashion. #BlackGirlsGolf #LuxuryAwaits #BEGoodLife #Golf



The dresses:

Poodle Golf

Schriffen Leah II

Daily Sports Agatha Dress

Golf Tip: Watch Video and Make Better Contact with Wedges

Break 100 with this simple golf tip

You’ve probably been on You Tube and have Googled every golf tip there is because you want to break 100. How do we know? Because every recreational golfer wants to break 100. We could give you every golf tip in the world, but nothing replaces a commitment to practice. It’s time to put away your driver and head over to the practice green with your wedges and your putter and send some time getting more accurate with your wedges. Increasing your accuracy around the green sets you up for better putts.

The better you get at putting, the lower your scores will be. We suggest practicing with your wedges and putter twice as much as you practice with your driver.

Here’s a pretty good golf tip from Cheyenne Woods. Focus on making better contact with your wedges.