3 Networking Tips For People Who Hate Networking

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3 Networking tips that lead to connecting with the right clients

If you’re like me, you hate networking. Typically, you are in a crowded room with professionals from your industry who are all scoping out the same people to exchange business cards with. After you recite your elevator pitch, for what seems like the 1000th time, you’re exhausted and you’re right where you started when you got there – no new clients.

Follow these tips for networking if you hate networking the traditional way:

  1. Learn how to play golf – What did you expect me to say? My opinion may be a bit biased, but it works. There’s no way you stand out in a sea of thirsty professionals. That won’t be the case on the golf course. There are very few women on the golf course, let alone women of color. Find a reputable instructor in your area (we can help you with that) and learn the fundamentals of the game. Stick with it, golf is hard and you really do need at least a few months of lessons to build your skill and confidence.
  2. Learn the etiquette – The last thing you want to do is get out on the course and not know what to do – where to stand, where to park the cart, when to talk, when not to talk. Learning and understanding the etiquette of the game is very important. People will understand your lack of skill, but they won’t excuse your ignorance when it comes to the etiquette.
  3. Invite your potential clients for a round of golf – This is so much better than any elevator pitch at a networking event. Both of you probably have a smart phone and can schedule a something on the spot. Now, you can move on and work the rest of the room. The time you’ll spend on the golf course with a potential client will be far more valuable than the 10 seconds you have to recite your elevator pitch. It will be up to you to schedule the tee time at the course of your choice and follow up with to confirm and send the address and directions to the course. Arrive early, pay for the round for both of you and grab a few bottles of water too.

Bonus tip:

Ask your employer if you can be reimbursed for golf lessons and your rounds with potential clients. It’s likely your golf lessons are a business development, continuing education, or a sales expense. 

Let the fairway be your runway. What’s your favorite Fall golf apparel?

How do stay comfy and cute in your Fall golf apparel?fall golf apparel, black girls golf. BEGoodlife, #luxuryawaits

Fall is my favorite time of year. I LOVE Fall golf apparel. Even though I hate pumpkin flavored coffee, I do love to turn the fairway into my runway during this season. I love everything from the vests, to the zip-ups. Fall let’s you be comfy and cute at the same time.

Don’t worry about breaking any rules either – you can wear leggings, long sleeves, a vest, and a baseball cap and be comfy and cute on the golf course. Go ahead, turn the fairway into your runway.

Tag us in your photos turning the fairway into your runway in your favorite Fall golf apparel?

Got a bucket list with one of these top 100 golf courses on it?

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18th Hole Pebble Beach. Photo credit: Black Girls Golf, LLC.

If one of these golf courses isn’t on your bucket list you need to revisit your list. 

Everyone I know has a bucket list, but not everyone has a golf course on it. When I ask Black women why they don’t golf, one of the answers I hear often is they think golf is boring. They couldn’t be more wrong. After looking at this Golf Digest list of America’s Top 100 Golf Courses, how could you say that. The words that come to mind when I think my top 10 golf experiences are: serene, tranquil, beautiful, and relaxing.

Check out this list and add one of them to your bucket list and let us know which one you plan to visit.

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The Little Black Golf Dress Could Be Your Favorite Little Black Dress

Every girl should have a little black golf dress

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My opinion may be a little biased, but I think golf has the flyest apparel of any sport, including tennis. But it hasn’t always been that. way. Lady golfers in yesteryear would have never dreamed of owning a little black golf dress.

Golf attire has come a long way since our grandmothers played. Women wore long skirts that covered even a  woman’s legs. Thank goodness we’ve evolved to more sporty, functional, and sexy golf attire for women.

Did I say sexy? Yes, check out these three little black golf dresses that could take you from the golf course to cocktails. Check us out on Pinterest to see more of our favorite golf fashion. #BlackGirlsGolf #LuxuryAwaits #BEGoodLife #Golf



The dresses:

Poodle Golf

Schriffen Leah II

Daily Sports Agatha Dress