Black Girls Golf Appearances

 Black Girls Golf is the fastest growing community for savvy women who are ready to meet decision makers and seal more deals. We are the #1 resource for African American women who are ready to learn, practice, and play golf. Join the movement!

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Why enroll in golf classes?

  • Golf puts you where decision makers are
  • The golf course is the second board room
  • Golf is a tool for building lucrative business relationships
  • Golf gives women credibility at the office
  • Golf is the only physically competitive environment where women can level the playing field with men

“I learned about the meeting after the meeting by hearing about colleagues going golfing with the General Manager. Those colleagues he bothered to learn their names. After that happening quite a few times I decided to not put off taking golf lessons. I do not want to be left out of those opportunities.” ~ Andrea S.

 ” I was invited out to lunch with some of the seniors and the manager. All middle-aged white males. Guess what we talked about? Golf. I’m so glad I started taking lessons, otherwise I would have sat there quiet the whole time.” ~ Temara H.


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